Sound City Explosion

Liverpool Sound City were never going to be content with sitting back, putting on an (amazing) annual event and taking it all in their stride. They’re ambitious. They look beyond what’s expected and think of new ways to get their name and Liverpool’s music out there on a global stage.

They’re taking their brand and Liverpool’s reputation as a music city far and wide, in the pursuit of music greatness. But they haven’t forgotten their roots. And next year is a very special year. Here’s 7 things you need to know.

1. The City of Sound is TEN this year. TEN! Where did that time go? Pretty soon, Sound City will be going to big school and become a beautiful teenager. CEO Dave Pichilingi says there’s going to be “one hell of a party”. And based on the last decade, we can’t help but believe him. Hold on folks, because Sound City 2017 could be the biggest music event in Liverpool that any of us can remember.

2. The next Sound City is at Clarence Dock. We’re loving spending more time along the North Docks, what with The Invisible Wind factory, Make Liverpool, a cheeky cocktail at The Titanic, and now Sound City will be there too. It’ll help the festival become bigger than ever, says Dave Pichilingi: bigger acts, more stages, and better facilities for the industry conferences and Sound City+. This new location is perfect for all that, he says. That’s a promise we can’t wait to see.

3. As a platform for emerging talent, no one does it as well as Sound City. And that’s official, because the festival just won the award for “The Best festival for Emerging Talent” at the UK festival Awards. Dave knows what’s what: “supporting, nurturing and promoting new talent is what we are all about - it’s in Sound City’s DNA”. And he’s so right. Music runs through the city’s DNA, with emerging artists becoming more vibrant year on year. A festival right on our doorstep championing emerging talent is something we can all be proud of.

4. In that vein, Sound City’s ‘Apply to Play’ programme has been announced. It’s been a cornerstone of the festival since the beginning, and some of the acts that have come through it have certainly shown their stripes (take Grimes and Ed Sheeran for instance. Yeah, you get the picture). One of the headliners of 2016’s festival, Catfish and the Bottlemen, actually appeared at Sound City via ‘Apply to Play’ four years ago. It’s a testament to the many fingers on many pulses, the immersion of the festival team in music and their ability to spot a cracking band when it comes along. Sound City has received over 3500 applications from 35 countries around the world, including Istanbul and Auckland for the first time.

5. In May there’s going to be a very special performance by John Cale and Guests. In the only European performance, right here in Liverpool, John Cale presents The Velvet Underground & Nico in a 50th anniversary special. It’s live and sadly sold out. It’s going to be incredible! We’ll fill you in afterwards…

6. Every festival needs damn fine coffee and at Sound City, one of the highlights is Tim Peaks Diner, hosted by none other than the Charlatans’ Tim Burgess. Last year the diner hosted incredible people from Alexei Sayle, Dave Haslam and Roisin Murphy. It also hosted the best Bowie disco we’ve ever seen (yes, a couple of tears were shed). All you need is a side order of cherry pie!

7. And finally the most important thing: it delivers moments you’ll never forget. The Flaming Lips, The xx, Gil Scott-heron, The Fall, Frank Turner, Reverend and the Makers, The Vaccines, Belle and Sebastian, The Coral… this list goes on and on, and seeing these incredible acts on a huge stage in the city is just what Sound City does.

Come on Sound City 2017 line-up, where are you? We can’t wait any longer!


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Published: 16/12/2016