It's Liverpool magazine
Its Liverpool beach hut at Liverpool International Music Festival 2016
Get Involved Liverpool Welcome Signage
It's Liverpool at MIPIM 2016
It's Liverpool stage at LIMF 2016
Get Involved Liverpool Welcome Signage
Get Involved Liverpool Welcome Signage

Get Involved

It’s Liverpool is our brand for our city. It brings us all together and celebrates the city’s entrepreneurs; thrilling blend of arts, science, sports, music, technology, food and fashion. But most importantly, it’s dedicated to the people who define Liverpool’s creativity, ambitions and difference.

We have an amazing story to tell and we all have a role to play in shouting about our successes. It’s time to let Liverpool speak for itself; with one voice but through a multitude of creative expressions. We’re posting an invitation to the world. The message is simple and the signature unmistakable: it’s Liverpool.


Always changing, often intangible, and unique for everyone, it’s virtually impossible to communicate what’s special about Liverpool with a single snappy marketing message.

So we’ve developed an approach that lets the city speak for itself. Using lists of events, people, feelings, ambitions, places, we paint pictures – showing the city’s physical, cultural and social contrasts. We’re not selling. We’re just saying.

The brand identity is designed to evolve as much as the city it represents. With the ability to change constantly in content and colour, it provides a flexible yet immediate device that will speak to everyone. It forms a living, developing identity, capable of endless versions carrying different messages but all with a coherent identity, unique to the city of Liverpool.



Now take a look how the brand works in action above.

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