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Our favourite practice R2 Architecture is spoiling us now. Three new venue revamps for 2017 and we’ve only just taken the Xmas deccies down…

R2 are like those cool kids at school that were just born cool. Like it took absolutely zero effort to be that cool. They didn’t even understand how cool they were. And they were an absolute dab-hand at everything they did. With a fusion of sure-footed architectural expertise and graphic and digital pizzazz, Liverpool has definitely caught the (pretty contagious) R2 bug.

They’re that independent and award-winning agency from Liverpool whose repertoire holds the kind of hang outs you wish you’d designed yourself. Think Jenny’s, Panoramic and Mowgli and you get the jist. They’re an indie-brand favourite and we’re all for it. Hold your horses though - they’ve only gone and got even funkier this year with the launch of three iconic and high-profile spaces in Liverpool and Manchester that we all now get to work and play in (can we live in them too?)

So we got some images we thought you might like of their most recent ventures. Don’t say we never give you anything >

HUS. Tithebarn Street, Liverpool

Reimagining a once-tired 60’s office block with some serious Scandi vibes. It’s an anti-style bar welcomed by a generation tiring of over-the-top glamour. With client Alison Lockett-Burke, R2 developed a space “where people didn’t have to worry about whether they’re wearing the right shoes.” HUS - welcome to Liverpool. We’re sure you’ll feel right at home here.



LEAF. Portland Street, Manchester

Recognise the  dusky florals, industrial features combined and homely finishes? A nod to their  Bold Street tea institution. A dose of tea-house heaven is on your doorstep, Manchester. Enjoy.



Lead Station. Beech Road, Manchester

A rebellious yet well-loved Manchester brand: re-worked. Leather booths, chevron flooring and a volcanic lava (yes, really) Pyrolave bar too. R2, you’re spot on.

r2 35


R2…How much to do my whole house?

To get to grips with all of their work, check out their (equally sleek) website here.

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Published: 17/01/2017