Thinking Back Looking Forward

Art and Health in Liverpool

Grass Roots 2012-13 Celebration Exhibition: ‘Thinking Back Looking Forward’

25 April – 6 May 2013 at St Georges Hall

The never before seen tunnels of St George’s Hall will stage a major new exhibition, as part of Liverpool’s Decade of Health and Wellbeing. Featuring twenty six incredibly diverse community-based arts projects, supported by Liverpool Primary Care Trust and Liverpool City Council’s Art and Cultural Investment Programme (ACIP), Thinking Back Looking Forward will give visitors an opportunity to explore how photography, poetry, music, dance, film and visual arts have been used to explore and promote physical and emotional health.

The exhibition is being curated by local company as creatives, a multi-arts provider with expertise in developing high quality arts and learning programmes. Their vision for the exhibition deliberately borrows from a well-known childrens’ classic. The aim is to take visitors on a magical journey, sharing the fruits of these amazing projects.

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Date created: March 21, 2013

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