…And with a BANG it’s BACK.

The MCM Comic Con odyssey returns to Liverpool turf on the 11th March and we’re already decking ourselves out in our most outrageous comic strip get-up. Packed to the rafters with fan-favourite guests, unreal cosplay gear plus merchandise you’ll want to hire a van for, ACC Liverpool better be ready for a whirlwind of otherworldly sights.

No more walking around in those mediocre clothes of yours, wardrobe choices are about to get UNREAL. We caught up with CEO of the whole shebang, Bryan Cooney, to make sure you’re not left behind in a dust cloud of superheroes next weekend.

So for those that might be in the dark; what’s it all about? How did MCM Comic Con initially come about? Give us a quick lowdown

MCM started way back in May 2002 as a collector fair titled London Expo and opened its doors at the new ExCeL centre in London Docklands.

The next few years saw London Expo grow and flourish and this show expanded to be twice yearly, taking place in May and October. In 2005, we took the first steps that would transform it from a collectors’ and autograph event into a US-style comic con, with the addition of dedicated comics, anime and videogame areas plus film and TV content. It was in 2007 that we expanded into regional shows and in 2016 we made home in Liverpool!

Where did it all start for you? Have you always been a comic super-fan?

It all started for me with my dad’s collection of comic books, everything from Shazam to Captain Marvel. I loved them. My dad also showed me the 1936 Flash Gordon mini serial movies with Buster Crabbe and I thought it was just the best, and I’ve never looked back.

Our It’s Liverpool Comic Con features are always our top-searched stories; how come the people of Liverpool love it so much?

To know people share the same interests as you is always a great feeling, imagine coming to a space where 23,000 other people share the same passion as you – there’s just nothing like it. What our aim has always been is to provide a big, bright, colourful space where you come with your friends and family, make new friends, learn something new and be proud of who you and what you love! Liverpool is such a special city full of some of the nicest and kindest people, the whole city feels like a community of likeminded people, which I think is why an event like ours where we’re creating these small communities is so well loved here.

We hear there’s a load of amazing special guests that fans can meet, who’s been your favourite guest so far?

That’s right, we’ve got lots of guests to suit everyones taste at this years show including the stars of Starsky and Hutch and Mollie Hooper (Louise Brealey) from Sherlock! My favourite EVER guest? That’s tough but I’d probably say….Edward James Olmos (Bladerunner)

What are the most popular character costumes you usually see?

Character likes the Joker, Batman, Superman, Deadpool and Harley are so popular at our shows. We also see characters from Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon and other anime and manga titles. Our Cosplay Masquerade where people come and show off their creations is such a special part of the show, people cheer and scream when they see a character they love – we think it’s amazing.

What’s the maddest costume you’ve seen at MCM Comic Con?

For us, nothing is mad when it comes to cosplay. The more creative the better! I once saw someone dressed as the pirate in the titles of Sponge Bob Square Pants, that was pretty niche!

If you could be any comic character, who would you be?
The Hulk. Everyday.

Every sight is exciting at comic con – but are there any completely new experiences we should be gearing up for this year?

We’re bringing back a lot of fan favourites for this show but we’ve also got the Game of Thrones Iron Throne gracing the show floor and an awesome KidZone where little ones can meet The Lorax!


MCM Comic Con Liverpool is blasting into ACC Liverpool 11th-12th March. Don’t get left behind!

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Published: 01/03/2017