What’s Kickin’?

Trainees. Sneaks. Kicks. We’ve all got at least one pair.

Not only were the ‘right trainees’ a part of school playground acceptance as a kid, the once undiscerning trainer has its origins planted as far back as the mid-nineteenth century, with them now becoming the modern day status symbol of urban and hip-hop culture.

So it’s back…Laces Out! brings another one-day all-singing, all-dancing trainer festival this Saturday 19th, celebrating the shoe of the gods through music, conversations, art, trainer revamping and of course, a marketplace packed with thirty stalls housing 1000s of different trainers for sale and to swap. This is one of the most exciting trainer festivals in Europe and the only event of its kind in the North of England, so yeah, we’ve not just been the capital of culture; we’re the capital of trainers now too.

“We have managed to curate a really diverse offer to meet the needs of those, like us, who truly have a love of trainers and trainer culture.”

Camp and Furnace will again kick off this AW16 edition of Laces Out! after the unprecedented success of its March spring edition; hauling thousands of rare, vintage, box fresh and deadstock trainers for you to buy, swap, or just stare at longingly with a sigh. Laces Out! are rightfully feeling big for their boots as they’re about to boast an upgraded marketplace, with a wider variety of trainers, apparel and accessories for men, women and children than you saw back in Spring.

Despite this always successful buy/sell/swap marketplace, Laces Out! have created their own lab that will offer you a multi-layered peripheral programme of curated sneaker culture for all sneak-obsessed attendees. Curator Rob May has promised special things this Saturday:

“We have managed to curate a really diverse offer to meet the needs of those, like us, who truly have a love of trainers and trainer culture. This event will see the most traders we’ve ever had which to our attendees is always exciting.”

So, what’s kickin’?:

Panels. This is an exclusive chance to learn about the past, present and future of the UK trainer culture featuring Oi Polloi’s Nigel Lawson, CrepJunkie’s Nathaniel Thomas and Lost Art’s Dave Mackey with so many more.

Q&A. Get involved as author and leading trainer expert Neal Heard is here to tell you what’s what about your fave shoe.

Dirty kicks? Don’t be shy, you can expect a free trainer cleaning service here from
premium shoe care master, Jason Markk. No trainer will be left unturned…

Exhibition. No trainer festival is complete without a nod to the art of the humble sport shoe. So, an exclusive trainer themed art exhibition will welcome works by leading artists Brian Cannon, Josh Parkin and Steph Morris.

DJs. Tie those laces up tight because the hip-hop sounds of No Fakin’, DJ 2Kind and Suede Brown are making your feet move (and we don’t want any tripping accidents, please).

Phew. But that’s not all…

We know you want to flash those revamped sneaks into the evening for all to see, so Ellesse are giving you a free after-party at The Merchant on Slater Street for good foot measure. Good enough for you? Yep, we thought so.

General tickets are £8 while Ultra tickets are £15 (early entry + goody bag = happy people with VERY happy feet). More info here. Come and kick it.

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Published: 14/11/2016