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When you think of the Albert Dock you probably think of Tate Liverpool, the River Festival, Maritime Museum and plenty of great places to eat. But what if when you think of the Albert Dock your thinking of your place of work? Plenty of businesses call the Albert Dock home. It’s Liverpool talked to some of the people whose commute means walking into a tourist haven.

Peter Johnson-Treherne is the group finance director at Heritage GB. “Because I arrive before 9am and the shops and cafes don’t open until 10 it isn’t until I go out in my lunchtime that you set the tourists”. There has, Peter believes, been a change in the past six or seven years as you rub shoulders with the dock’s tourists. “It used to be 70% domestic visitors from either the local region or the North West. Now you see far more international visitors and it’s a lot busier. When you walk from the office you can often hear just foreign languages like Italian, Chinese and French. It’s a big change but a positive one.”

“It’s’ definitely made me more cultural…”

For Laura Hampson who works at Hampson Hughes solicitors there are real benefits to working at the Albert Dock. “From the moment we moved to the Albert Dock’s Edward Pavilion a couple of years ago the first thing I noticed was all of the visitor attractions, the restaurants and bars, were very keen to invite us. We got inundated with offers really for staff to come and visit”.

One of the real bonuses for their new location is the difference it’s made to one of their office rituals. Every month Hampson Hughes organise an ’employee of the month’ activity. Being at the Albert Dock means the prizes they offer, instead of the traditional vouchers, have become much more fun. “Everyone who gets nominated for employee of the month gets a prize, like a treat or an afternoon out. On one occasion we spotted a sign for kayaking so all the nominees spent a few hours going kayaking around the Albert Dock. It was great”.

When you’re on your lunch break you will often find yourself running a few errands or popping into town for sandwich and a potter around the shops. Not for Peter. “I’ll pop into Tate and see the Warhol exhibition or the Liverpool museum. It does make you more cultured and more aware of what we have culturally in Liverpool. I’ll often pass it onto my friends as well, say if there’ a pirate festival at the waterfront I’ll bring flyers so they know and tell them about it in case they haven’t heard of it yet.”

Laura agrees, “It’s’ definitely made me more cultural. The Albert Dock company projects lights on to the building for exhibitions that are on. A colleague and I were leaving work one night and we saw the sign for Andy Warhol at Tate and it was a prompt because we had wanted to go and see it. We wouldn’t have seen that if we’d been anywhere else.”

Practically speaking working at an iconic location is good for clients as well. “We, really, could be based anywhere. We look after places from Lands End to John O’Groats and with modern technology and conference calls you don’t need to be face to face. But we’ve been at the Albert Dock for 14 years now and we’ve persuaded a number of our professional advisors, brokers and bankers to use suppliers based in Liverpool and the North West. You can walk into town very quickly for a meeting in Old Hall Street or one of the squares. Modern technology is great but you can’t beat face to face meetings”.

It can get a bit blowy around the dock but it is, Laura says, just a beautiful place to come into work. “I look after our social media and always retweet the positive things that our staff say and they take loads of pictures coming into work. It’s really impressive. It’s hard to beat the three graces. A lot of us take the ferry and then walk in and it really does make you feel positive”.

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Published: 20/01/2015