Up for a good mooch around?

Up for a good mooch around?

“Every person’s home is their castle and people want their home to be characterful…”

It’s easy to love a good antiques fair. Discovering totally different things for your home is always a lot more fun than strolling down identikit rows of the flattest of flat-pack furniture.

To be fair, there’s always some fixer-uppers and a certain amount of past their prime relics at any antique fair. But often the best and most treasured things you’ll ever find have been found and loved before.

Don’t get us wrong, shiny-new has its place. But if you want to create a home with a unique character and decent quality at a bargain price, you have to be open to a spot of antique hunting.

Exhibition Centre Liverpool
Exhibition Centre Liverpool

This Sunday (28th February 2016) Exhibition Centre Liverpool are hosting one of the North of England’s largest antique events, the Dualco Antique and Collectors Fair.  It’s Liverpool spoke to the man in charge at Dualco and professional antique finder, Stan Greenberg.

“Were the absolute antithesis of Ikea”, explains Stan. “Like most of our stock, Dualco’s events are one-of-a-kind, with hundreds of stalls coming to display their goods from all over the country. I’ve been in this business for over 30 years now and I still love to have a good look around. I always find something I want and I’ve got everything”.

Stan tells us what we can expect from Liverpool’s Dualco Antique fair. “The first thing you can expect is a good day out. The second thing you can expect is tonnes and tonnes of great, unique stuff for your home. You name it, we’ll have it, porcelain, china, glassware, pottery, gold, silver, costume and vintage jewellery, retro goods, collectibles, memorabilia, art and, of course, furniture.”

We ask Stan to tell us why he thinks antiques are always in style with a lot of people.

Dualco Antique Fair
Dualco Antique Fair

“Folks just seem to get more enjoyment out of belongings that have lived a little. Every person’s home is their castle and people want their home to be characterful, and to reflect their personality. That’s what makes it their home.”

“Just look at this city. Liverpool has this amazing architecture, from all different periods of time. It makes the city stand out, gives it a strong identity and it makes its residents feel proud. That’s what Dualco’s Antique and Collectors Fairs do for people’s homes and their lives.

“But they’re also a great way to spend a Sunday. Kids love coming to these things because it’s like an adventure, they don’t know what they’ll find. There’s that element of surprise and discovery. You don’t really get that feeling from other stores.”

Were sold Stan. This Sunday we’re heading to Exhibition Centre Liverpool’s Dualco Antique Fair to have a good rummage round, maybe pick up something special for Mother’s Day, or find a treasured item that we didn’t even know we really wanted.

There will be a café/restaurant on site. Admission on the door is £5 adults, £4.50 OAPs/Children, with under-12s free.

For more information on Dualco Antique and Collector’s Fair visit dualco.co.uk

For more information on Exhibition Centre Liverpool visit exhibitioncentreliverpool.com and follow @yourECL 


Published: 25/02/2016