Scousemoji Makes Us 😄 A selection of Scousemoji's Liverpool emojis

Scousemoji Makes Us 😄

Ever tried to express something truly Scouse through your smartphone, but found yourself settling for an aubergine instead?

Liverpool based graphic designer and illustrator Lewy Dohren

Don’t get us wrong, emojis are great at some things, communicating simple emotions or acting as shorthand when characters are limited.

But the problem with those cute little graphics is that they’re too universal. They don’t capture the personality of a place, its landmarks or the humour of its people. How do you say ‘yer ma’ with one easy click?

But don’t worry, we’ve got some boss news. Fanmoji founder Tim Webber has brought real Liverpool language and icons to your emoji keyboard, through the help of freelance graphic designer Lewy Dohren.

It’ Liverpool caught up with Lewy at Launch 22 to get the inside track on Scousemoji, before it launches early next month.

How did Scousemoji come about?

“It’s a great way to make your tweets or text messages a bit more Scouse…”

“Fanmoji had already created bespoke emojis for Ireland, Scotland and Wales, so they were turning their attention to other places, with a strong identity and personality.

“Liverpool was high on their list, but they needed an authentic voice, someone who knew the lingo and could create graphics with the right style and character for the city.

“Tim found my illustration of Liverpool’s Waterfront which he really liked, so he approached me and asked if I’d be interested in creating a shed load of new Liverpool emojis.

“I’d recently decided to go freelance and was looking to do more illustrative work, so I said yes. It’s been really fun to work on. It’s the kind of project everyone is interested in and has an opinion on.

How would you describe Scousemoji?

“Basically, It’s keyboard app that you add to your smartphone, that lets you easilly access Scousemojis, which are Liverpool themed emoji stickers, covering sport, food, landmarks phrases and famous faces.”

Liverpool Waterfront 2015 by Lewy Dohren
Liverpool Waterfront 2015 by Lewy Dohren

Was it daunting coming up with the ideas?

“Not really, Fanmoji gave me sub-categories like ‘landmarks’ ‘phrases’ and ‘sports’ and I just developed my ideas from there. I would talk to friends and they’d say something and I’d think ‘that’d be a good emoji’.

“The challenge wasn’t the ideas, so much as the constraints of emojis themselves. They’re small and you don’t have a lot of space, so you can’t be too detailed. But if people don’t recognise the graphic, it doesn’t work.

“You have to be good at reducing something to its simplest elements whilst retaining its original character and still making it engaging enough for people to want to use. Minimalism is the key.

“That can be difficult when you have detailed architecture, like The Metropolitan Cathedral, for example. But there was no shortage of inspiration and we’ve now got around 100 Scousemojis in the bag.

More about Lewy
Lewy Dohren specialises in UX and UI web design and illustration. Previously employed at Liverpool’s Red Ninja studios, Lewy particularly enjoys working on jobs that improve people’s lives in some way. The project he is most proud of is an app which helped people with mental health issues to communicate their feelings and get advice.

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How long did it take to illustrate your emojis?

“About half an hour each, on average. Some took twice as long though, when I’d go to town on it a bit.”

What will people see?

“I think everything you’d expect is there. Liverpool’s memorable places, architecture, people and sayings, but the thing I wanted to capture the most was the humour. People love to take the p*ss here and have a good laugh, with their mates. To me, that’s what makes Liverpool the city it is.”

Can you tell me an example?

“We’ll I’m from the Wirral, so I’ve been slated for years, for being a ‘wool’. So I made sure that wool was in there. I think that one will get used quite a bit. There’s a few other quirky ones too, like ‘bifter’ – That emoji is now the quickest way to say ‘shall we go for a smoke’.

The Albert Dock by Lewy Dohren
The Albert Dock by Lewy Dohren


What kind of reaction are you getting?

“A typically strong one, hopefully. I think Scousers will really go for it, we’ll probably get loads of other suggestions too. Liverpool people love to add a bit of their personality to everything they do, so I think it will go down really well. It’s a great way to make your tweets or text messages a bit more Scouse and a bit more personal to you.”

Sounds good to us. Nice one lad.

Download Scousemoji on iPhone and Android.

Published: 17/08/2016