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Variety is the spice of life, and nowhere is it more true than in Liverpool’s ever expanding culinary scene. You can travel the world in Liverpool, simply using your taste buds as a guide.

It’s Liverpool picks the best places for you to visit to tap into a little world cuisine.


Food power! Liverpool’s first Asian BBQ is a street food and outdoor venue at District in the Baltic Triangle. Open every weekday from 11am to 5pm sample food from Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and japan, all Grill or BBQ. The July menu included a Pao bento Box with Singapore style noodles, pao house pickle, miso hummus as well as a xiachi menu. Pao say they’re passionate about the ingredients they use and their fish and meat is locally sourced; “our fish comes from Neves Fleetwood and is sustainable. Our meat comes from Edge & Sons, award winning and purveyors of the best free range organic products.

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What started in Liverpool is now spreading to Manchester. Bakchich prides itself as being a little bit of Lebanon in the heart of Liverpool, and that’s exactly what it feels like. For a start it’s a beautiful spot with sumptuous tiles, comfy seats and great service. But let’s talk about what’s on the plate. Manakeesh (oven baked flat bread) with Zaatar or Zaatar and Lebneh is a great place to start. opt for a mezze (the hommos at Bakchich is possibly the best in Liverpool) and order a plate of Baba Ganoush. Mains are either large salads or Shawarma or Wraps. Choose a speciality from Bourkouri Halloumi or straight from the grill with a Kefta Meshawi or Chicken Kofta.


Roja Pinchos

What can be more amazing than people serving you Spanish bites on a stick with a glass of wine as you chew the fat in Chinatown? Nothing, quite frankly, and It’s Liverpool has been here a couple of times. This is Liverpool’s first pinchos bar. Pinchos are traditionally eaten in bars in Spain, like tapas. It’s all about socialising. You eat, you talk, you drink, you eat some more. Each mouthful is served on a spike and you save the spikes in a glass; that’s how you’re charged. The guys behind Roja Pinchos on Berry Street say they’re not traditional and they’re looking for modern twists on each dish. The ingredients taste as fresh as a daisy and unusual flavours sit side by side.


Shiraz Turkish BBQ Restaurant

A Turkish BBQ is traditionally charcoal so you get the full flavour of the meat. It’s designed to be eaten with a big plate in front of you and plenty of little sides so you can sit with friends or family and let the conversation flow. From Sebze kebab to charcoal grilled fresh fish Shiraz is regularly voted one of the top restaurants in Liverpool by Trip Advisor, something the restaurant is unsurprisingly very proud of. With “great food, service and atmosphere” they promise to live up to their gushing reviews!


Fazenda Liverpool



Liverpool isn’t short on Brazilian restaurants so when you pick one you want something different. Fazenda does that. For meat lovers well, this is paradise. Choose from 14 different meat options, each served on spears, from Picanha to Alcatra representing different cuts. Each is seasoned and served slightly differently. They also have a vegetarian option, but really, if you’re vegetarian maybe this isn’t the restaurant for you. Next one is though.


Green Day’s Café

Gree Days Cafe 3

Green Day Café is veggie heaven, with a loyal customer base that would turn many meat-serving establishments green with envy. Situated on the corner of Little Parkfield Road, just off Lark Lane, the café has an atmosphere that is so friendly and laid-back, it’s sort of like eating at your veggie best mate’s house. (If your veggie best mates was a brilliant chef and excellent host) The super healthy menu tastes anything but, offering simple, honest, homemade veggie options that are so good it’s indecent.


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Published: 27/07/2015