Festival of Light Gives Us Glowbugs Halloween Lantern Carnival, Liverpool 2014

Festival of Light Gives Us Glowbugs

Something strange and beautiful is heading your way.

Liverpool Lantern Company are transforming our city’s Festival Gardens, by playing with perspective, turning the micro macro and inviting you all to look at life from a bug’s eye view.

Taking a humorous and thought provoking look at the subjects of recycling and reducing waste, the inaugural ‘Luminous Festival’ will put of spotlight on environmental issues this spring half-term, over three evenings.

Liverpool Lantern Company will use light to create an extraordinary luminous landscape, where creatures usually hidden beneath forest floors and lake beds will creep, crawl and belch their way to the surface, becoming larger than life and impossible to ignore.

“Expect an unforgettable and thought-provoking journey…”

Jo Pocock, artistic director of the Lantern Company told It’s Liverpool more about their new illuminated celebration.

“Luminous will Feature a strong environmental theme, audiences can expect an otherworldly journey through a secret woodland and waterway route, revealing pockets of illuminated magic, giant insects, live music and other incredible sights.

“Expect an unforgettable and thought-provoking journey where the night unfolds in astonishing ways for audiences of all ages.”

e-poster-new-copy-1Community participation and celebration will take a central place in the festival and will engage more than a thousand local people, through community arts workshops, creating lanterns and luminous accessories to be carried at the event.

Audiences will be free to roam the route at their own pace with hand-held lanterns, experiencing a world turned upside down, where humans change place with the insects and experience the natural world from an unimaginable new perspective.

Luminous Landscapes: Spring Festival of Light will light up Liverpool’s Festival Gardens (and quite a few faces) on February 18, 19 and 20 from 5.30-9.00pm.

For information on tickets, early-bird packages available, and workshop venues and times, visit www.lanterncompany.co.uk

Published: 22/01/2016