Love Lies in Liverpool

Love. It’s a funny old thing. It’s that amazing we’ve had a day dedicated to it since Roman times.

The celebration of love may have changed a lot since the first Valentine’s risqué festival of Lupercalia (look it up and you’ll see what we mean), but one thing that’s stuck is our obsession with the telling of a good love story.

They’re all unique. Most are relatable. And many are no short of inspirational.

So this year, we wanted to find out how many love stories have unfolded in our city. A date. A wedding. A first awkward gaze into the eyes…

We branched out on social media to get your Liverpool love stories, and the results were beautiful.

Watch it Paris, looks like Liverpool is the new city of love ❤️



Lucy Bowyer


My husband I met through mutual friends, I used to be in bands and there was a big scene of us around in 2008 always playing gigs (I was in Elle s’appelle). I ended up in a band with some of his best mates and we all ended up on many a night out in La’go having dance offs and stuff. Our paths sort of intertwined for a while but it wasn’t til 2010 when I asked on Facebook if anyone could recommend a good DSLR camera, he messaged me offering me his Sony discount (he works at PlayStation) and the rest is history!

We still have the same big group of mutual mates as we did during the band days, except now we’re all married and grown up with mortgages and kids and stuff.

We got married in Liverpool Town Hall with the reception at Oh Me Oh My because we love our city and wanted a cool city wedding that showed off all of Liverpool’s best bits.We wanted to wave off the Town Hall balcony and pretend we were The Beatles, which we did!



Katrina Smith

📷: happyharrietty

We met while on a night out on Bold Street a few months ago in September 2016. We ended up swapping numbers and he text me the next morning to say ‘hi’ and it’s been going at 100mph ever since!

I’m originally from Birkenhead, grew up in Wales and moved to Liverpool in August 2015, and my partner is originally from Kurdistan in Iraq and he’s been in Liverpool for 6 years to work and study. To say the least, we’re from totally different backgrounds – but we’re so alike in so many ways. I admit that I fell in love with him almost straight away!

We’re now living together; not yet engaged or anything, but who knows in the future! He’s the love of my life – no one cares for me the way he does. He’s a truly unique man. Thanks Bold Street, we owe you!



Debbie & Phil Malone

We’re both from Kirkby originally, and we both went to Brookfield School (now known as Kirkby High School). We were classmates, but Phil was too shy to ask me out, bless him. As a result, we both ended up going our separate ways – getting married, having children (I’m mum to Jennifer and Mark, and Phil has two daughters, Anna and Kate). It came to divorce for both of us in the end.

Come 2009, out of the blue, Phil contacts me on Friends Reunited and asked me to meet him for a coffee in Liverpool ONE’s Starbucks. We hadn’t seen each other since leaving school in 1978! But the rest is history! We fell in love and got engaged on New Years Eve, and married at Thornton Hall Hotel in September 2011.

We now living over the water in Heswall and we’re very happy and very lucky! We’ve now got two beautiful grandchildren, Callum who is 3 and Alice who is 9 months.



Kale & Phil Pang

📷: fixnpixltd

I met Phil in a club called the El Toro on Rice Lane (it’s closed down now). I was 18 when I met him in there - although I knew him a month or so before I turned 18. I bumped into him while I was in there and remember: back then there were no mobile phones! So he did what we all did back then -  took my house phone number and rang me the next day asking me out on a date.

He ended up picking me up outside the Adelphi hotel in his brother’s car that he had to borrow for the occasion haha! We went for a meal at the Lux Garden in Aintree- nothing fancy, we didn’t have much money. I then went away to work in a nursing home in Kent, but I just had to come back for Phil. I only ended up staying in my job for 3 months before I made the decision to come back home to be with him in Liverpool. Best decision I ever made.

We ended up getting engaged and throwing an engagement party in Jacobs in 1991. We didn’t actually end up getting engaged in the end - so expensive! But we’re pleased to say we’re finally tying that knot next year in the Summer. Nonetheless, 25 years later, here we are! Still going strong, happy as ever, with two daughters aged 24 and 18.



Alessandra Lewis

📷: emjayprincess

I first met my girlfriend about a year and a couple months ago, but have only been together for 2 months. I’m originally from Birmingham and she actually comes from down south, from Chelmsford, Essex. We met really through my cousin – she used to live with them when she was at Liverpool Uni, just a few years after I went to LJMU. I used to come over for cups of tea and to watch Harry Potter for about a year and now, finally, we’re together!

We had our first official date at La Tasca because she knows I love tapas, but before that, you could say we went on an unofficial date: a walk down at the docks at night time. I’ve been in Liverpool for the last 7 years and I’m now living in Speke at the weekends and Abergele in North Wales during the week due to work. She still lives in the city centre with 2 American flatmates.



Pippa Sterritt & Declan Maquire

We’ve lived here for 4/5 years now. The main thing that made us stay is the community of people here in the city. It’s so vibrant with artists and musicians! There’s theatres and museums on our doorstep, and of course the massive choice of cuisine for date night! We love all the opportunities the city has given us - me with my art and Declan with his wrestling and media skills. It’s abundant with positive vibes and happy people

I came from Northern Ireland to study in Liverpool and just had to stay. I left my heart back on the emerald Isle which was hard to live with. But, low and behold, a year into my studies he left behind his old life back in Ireland for me, and we’ve been happily living together in Liverpool ever since.



Rebecca & Kevin Sinnott

📷: yourfan_myfan_arfan

The night I met my husband, I was home from Uni in Sheffield. My dad told me to “stop moping round and go and get a fella”! So I went out with my friends to our favourite place and that’s when I saw Kev in the Krazy House. We were both looking at each other but both too shy but my friend dragged him over and made him sit by me. Kev then said “Hi my names Kevin as in Kevin the Gerbil”. (Roland Rat). Well, after that I knew he was the one! That was back in 1998.

We actually had out first date in Slaters, The Jac, then a milkshake in McDonalds!

While we were living in our flat in Wavertree, Kevin asked me to marry him on a Christmas morning, and we got married in Las Vegas in 2007. We walked down the aisle to “All you need is love”. We’re now living in Crosby and we’ve spent 19 happy years together which we share now with our 3 children



Brian & Jackie King

📷: passionforflowers at Sefton Park

I’m originally from Liverpool, Jackie was actually born in Liverpool but the family moved to Manchester when she was a baby. We met on the way home from the 1983 Liverpool/UTD cup final. Fate must have had us call into the same service station!

We were both having a drink with our own mates – mine from Liverpool, and we got talking to some Mancs. I ended up talking to this girl - having a bit of a heated discussion. As I stood up I accidentally knocked my coffee over her. Well that was it then. She went ballistic and called me every name under the sun and threw her drink over me!

Thankfully it was a cold one, because nearly 34 years later we have 3 sons and 4 grandkids. We’ll no doubt be together for the rest of our lives now, we’re soul mates.



Tom & Vicky Carbery

We met through friends at university on Vicky’s birthday night out in February 2008, which took in bars on campus and in town. I think it was The Font where we were introduced, but it took a little bit of time before things got going. One memorable moment later that year was going to the cinema as a big group of friends to see Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull (terrible film!), where our friends ensured Vicky and I sat next to each other. That was at the old Odeon on London Road.

I’m from Plymouth but I cam over to study Civil Engineering at the University of Liverpool, and now work for Merseytravel in the Rail department. Vicky’s from Newcastle-under-Lyme, and studied Tropical Disease Biology at the University of Liverpool before heading to the Royal Veterinary College to study Veterinary Medicine, so she’s now a Vet working in Formby, Maghull and Birkdale.

As for our engagement, it was in November 2013. We lived in Stafford at the time, but decided to have a weekend away up here to take in a game at Tranmere (I’m a lifelong fan) and go for dinner and drinks afterwards. We were staying at what was then the Thistle Hotel (Atlantic Tower) and just as we were heading out for dinner, I popped the question in the hotel room. I remember distinctly walking down Exchange Street East, near Exchange Flags, whilst we were both on the phone excitedly telling our parents. We ate at Jamie’s Italian at Liverpool One, and went for a walk afterwards around Chavasse Park before heading back to the hotel (we may have stopped for a drink on the way - I can’t remember!). We’re both 29 and turn 30 later this year. We married in March 2015 oand don’t have any children (yet). We’ve recently bought a house in Formby and I’m really looking forward to our future here.


We wanted to say cheers to everyone that took part in this - It’s not every day you get to hear the wonderful love stories of people you’ve never met. Keep spreading that Liverpool love! 

Happy Valentine’s everyone❤️

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Published: 01/02/2017