Liverpool, You’ve Got Style

Liverpool, You’ve Got Style

London. Paris. New York. Yeah they’re good, but they’re not a patch on Liverpool. We’ve got real people with raw style and bags of attitude to pull it all off…and we’re going out there to capture you all to prove it.

This July, British Style Collective presented by The Clothes Show in association with Alcatel is coming to Liverpool for a citywide takeover of style. New dates, new city, new experience…

Ladies and gentleman, be sure to wear your most extraordinary outfit on the city’s streets, because It’s Liverpool and British Style Collective are about to shout about how damn good you look – just in time for the big finale in July. Hey, we aren’t the new Clothes Show host for nothin’…

Meet Pete



Age: 23

Occupation: Musician

Where’s everything from?

Jeans – Primark

Shoes - Dr Martens

Jumper – No idea

Jacket – Resurrection

Fashion Do:

Definitely some Docs. I own 6 pairs and they’re indestructible!

Fashion Don’t:

Trainers and jeans. Anything made by Kanye West. Anything with air bubbles in with trousers or jeans is just wrong.

What do you reckon influences your style?

I aspire to dress as far as possible from people that chant football songs in pubs and harass innocents of the weekend. There’s a fashion stereotype of some lads at the minute that I try and stay well away from!

What’s your go-to when you can’t think of what to wear?

To be honest if I’m not doing anything special I just wear jeans, a tee shirt and a jacket depending on the weather. I’m like Shaggy from Scooby Doo unless I’m going out. I just wear the same stuff every day.

Last thing you bought

All day breakfast sandwich from the Co-op at the end of my road. It was decent!

Most prominent colour in your wardrobe?

Black - but only by a margin.


In hell they’ll make me wear:

The skin of my forefathers

Liverpool Style in 3 words:

Diverse, muted, casual

Wardrobe essential?

Long overcoat/parkas

Style icon:

Liam Gallagher!!!

Dream designer:              

Liam Gallagher!!!

Fancy yourself as our next street-styler, in partnership with the British Style Collective? Give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter, & grab yourself tickets to the show while you’re at it…