Liverpool, You’ve Got Style

Liverpool, You’ve Got Style

London. Paris. New York. Yeah they’re good, but they’re not a patch on Liverpool. We’ve got real people with raw style and bags of attitude to pull it all off…and we’re going out there to capture you all to prove it.

This July, British Style Collective presented by The Clothes Show in association with Alcatel is coming to Liverpool for a citywide takeover of style. New dates, new city, new experience…

Ladies and gentleman, be sure to wear your most extraordinary outfit on the city’s streets, because It’s Liverpool and British Style Collective are about to shout about how damn good you look – just in time for the big finale in July. Hey, we aren’t the new Clothes Show host for nothin’…

Meet Cathy



Age: 50

Occupation: Investment Manager (Creative & Digital)

You’re here for a reason: you’ve got some crackin’ clobber! Where’s everything from?

Lol! I’m literally head to toe M&S today – even my socks!!

Fashion Dos and Fashion Don’ts

First off – do - make sure what you’re wearing fits you!  However expensive your outfit is, it’ll always look cheap if there’s not enough cloth!

Unless you’re in the ‘fashion world’ – don’t go for the whole look – clashing patterns and contrasting colours look great on a catwalk – but can look a bit Joseph’s Technicolor Dreamcoat if you’re not careful.  Catwalk collections are carefully curated down to the last button – so by all means be inspired but don’t copycat – otherwise it could be next stop Lloyd Webber.

What do you reckon influences your style?

That’s a difficult one.  It’s all around us isn’t it?  I don’t think these days I look at a particular designer or brand and say “I want to look like that”.  I once had an ambition to work in fashion and I’ve always had an eye for it.  As time’s gone on and life has ‘taken over’ it’s moved down my list of priorities – but I guess I’ve never completely lost that interest.

So although I don’t follow it as closely now – I’m still ‘fashion conscious’.  But now I’m more confident to go for what I like and what suits me rather than wearing what’s on trend just for the sake of it.


What’s your most favourite item in your wardrobe?

I’ve the highest, shiniest, pointiest pair of red stilettos which I just can’t get rid of.  Whilst I think you should be able to wear what you want when you want – with these particular shoes there’s a fine line to be tread between looking sexy and looking desperate – I think that’s what I like about them – they’re a bit naughty!

Last thing you bought?

The shirt I’m wearing.

Most prominent colour in your wardrobe?

Black closely followed by red.

In hell they’ll make me wear:

High heeled trainers!  I just don’t understand them – I’m not saying that everything has to be functional – but they are not even flattering.

Liverpool Style in 3 words:

Ahead of the curve (sorry that’s 4 words!)

 Most embarrassing fashion item you owned?

Honestly - I can’t think of one.  I had Birmingham Bags, a Gypsy Skirt and a RaRa skirt – so they’re all quite embarrassing now but they were of the time…..


Wardrobe essential?

Red lipstick and good underwear!

Style icon:

If I was to describe it, I think most of my style choices are on the androgynous side with just a soupçon of sugar – so I do like Audrey Hepburn’s 50’s elfish look but I think Annie Lennox really captures it.

Dream designer:

A mix of Coco Channel and John Galliano.             

My secret to looking good is…


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