Liverpool, You’ve Got Style

Liverpool, You’ve Got Style

London. Paris. New York. Yeah they’re good, but they’re not a patch on Liverpool. We’ve got real people with raw style and bags of attitude to pull it all off…and we’re going out there to capture you all to prove it.

This July, British Style Collective presented by The Clothes Show in association with Alcatel is coming to Liverpool for a citywide takeover of style. New dates, new city, new experience…

Ladies and gentleman, be sure to wear your most extraordinary outfit on the city’s streets, because It’s Liverpool and British Style Collective are about to shout about how damn good you look – just in time for the big finale in July. Hey, we aren’t the new Clothes Show host for nothin’…

Meet Jake

Lydia Shoot 6

Age: 23

Occupation: Photographer

Where’s everything from?

Chinos – H&M

Clarks Wallabes - Weavers door (I think)

T-shirt – Fred perry

Overshirt – Sainsburys (Yes, Sainsburys - cheap as chips)

Fashion Do:

Oversized shirts are the best, I swear by them.

Fashion Don’t:

Turtlenecks. For me, they are a no no. Carl Sagan and Steve jobs nailed it, however, they make me feel like a second rate James Bond.



What do you reckon influences your style?

That’s a hard one, I think I adopt a different style every week!

What’s your go-to when you can’t think of what to wear?

Black, all black and some red doc martens. Beautifully simple.

Last thing you bought?

A norse projects t shirt from weavers door.

Most prominent colour in your wardrobe?

Black, got to be black.

In hell they’ll make me wear:

Skinny ripped jeans.

Liverpool Style in 3 words:

Diverse. Vibrant. Alternative.


Wardrobe essential?

Over shirt!

Style icon:

Gotta be Jeff Buckley. If only I could pull off that gold glitter jacket.

Dream designer:              

Whoever the hell made Mads Mikkelsen’s suits in Hannibal. If I had the money he/she would be my personal tailor.


Fancy yourself as our next street-styler, in partnership with the British Style Collective? Give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter, & grab yourself tickets to the show while you’re at it. Get in.