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This weekend sees Liverpool Psych Fest take over the city’s Baltic Triangle area. Hard to define in simple music terms, the festival will be blasting out psychedelic folk-rock-soul-blues all with a progressive futuristic slant, but you know, with a retro 70s spin.

Artists, installation, projects and musings, fans travel from all over the world for this extravaganza, and it’s hard to believe it’s the fourth one.

Desperate to get your teeth into it but not sure where to start? This is what you should be making a beeline for.


SpiritualizedFestival headliners define neo-psychedelic space rock gods. Their 90s album, Ladies and gentleman We Are Floating in Space was one of those that you adjudicated musical taste depending on whether someone owned it. Jason Pierce, Spaceman himself, is the centrifugal force of modern British experimental music. A must-see.

Musings in Drone

Anton NewbieSometimes - only sometimes - the “In Conversation” elements of a music festival make you want to head to the bar and wait for the music to start again. Not at Psych Fest. Anton Newcombe, who is also this year’s Artist-in-Residence, singer, songwriter, founder of The Brian Jonestown massacre, will be talking to Dom Gourlay from Drowned in Sound. About what? Well, probably anything. he isn’t just a musician and artist he’s interested, in pretty much everything as far as we can gather. He’s sharp, quick-witted and likes talking, so he’ll fit in great here! festival organisers say “His idiosyncratic take on the world is forthright, informed, impassioned and often incredibly funny”. We couldn’t agree more.

Read his interview in Drowned in Sound about why he’s planning a trip to Anfield, among other things while in Liverpool here

Hocus Focus + Celebrating 10 years of Finders Keepers Records


Imagine the guys you know with the most amazing record collection ever that’s rich, diverse and full of new things to discover. Now imagine someone gave these guys a stage, an immense sound system and let them do as they choose. Yeah, that’s pretty much what’s happening. Northern psych label founders Doug Shipton and Andy Votel have various things up their respective sleeves for this year. Cinema, design, performance, live scores, from Japan, France, Finland, Poland; these guys are just lifting the lid on their box of delights. Dive right in. Read more here. 

A virtual reality environment

Slapbang in the heart of Liverpool’s creative and digital playground it makes sense to throw a little augmented and virtual reality into the mix. PZYK PRYZM is a new strand at Psych Fest with a brand new installation, THORIUM-232, produced and presented by RML-CINECHAMBER featuring music by Anton Newcombe and additional strings by Michael Saup.

Find out more here. 

Discover new music

Strange Collective

Old favourites always offer something special but discovering the new, that’s a different story entirely. Don’t just dip your toe into psychedelia, jump straight in. For a recommendation we’ll point you towards Liverpool’s own Strange Collective. A relatively new outfit their debut single ‘Sun’ came out easier this year. Guitar throbbingly engaging, dialled down vocals it kinda sounds like the kind of thing George Harrison would be doing know if he’d grown up with the Kazimier.

Watch the video here. 

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Published: 23/09/2015