Liverpool in a Beach Hut

Why is Liverpool so special? It’s not an easy question to answer. (Our website has more than 2000 posts and we haven’t even scratched the surface) Liverpool’s uniqueness is way more complicated than that.

But to make a decent go at it we’d ideally need something crowd sourced, something from the people who know best; You guys.

Tell us four things that make Liverpool special to you

We never get tired of hearing what people love about Liverpool. One thing is the city’s big free music festival LIMF. Another is the people of Liverpool itself. This weekend were mashing up the two to bring you some genuine, honest, on-the-spot expressions about our city, live from LIMF.

We’ve revamped a cool little beach hut, painted it in our brand and decked it out with deck chairs, grass and a table for writing. But we’re leaving the interior to you.

The It’s Liverpool beach hut will be located adjacent to the LIMF It’s Liverpool stage from 12.00 – 6.00 on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June. It will be staffed by our mate Charlotte, she’s a great laugh and she’ll be asking you to tell us four things that make Liverpool special to you.

We don’t need chapter and verse, we only need four short words or phrases. You could just tell us about how the city makes you feel, the personality of its people or your favourite places to visit, it’s up to you.

These ‘expression’ will decorate our beach hut and people can even record little video clips of themselves reading their expression, if they like, for our social media channels. It’s that simple.

So look out for our beach hut at LIMF, pop in and tell us what you love about Liverpool.  It’s you lot who put the ‘Liverpool’ into LIFM and we can’t wait to see what answers you come up with. #itsliverpool at #LIMF2016. We’ll save you a deck chair.

Published: 22/07/2016