Your Half Term, Sorted.

Your Half Term, Sorted.

It’s a relatively limbo time of year, where summer starts to feel like a distant memory and Christmas just isn’t getting here quick enough…It’s October, and it’s half term. Whether you’re panicking at the thought of how to entertain the kids for the week, or you’re just after some post-summer seasonal uplifting, Liverpool has everything to make it your best week of the year…


Catch the Family Ceílí of Liverpool’s Irish Festival, before it leaves us for another year

Join the Family Ceílí at the Bluecoat this October

Everyone can feel it; the Irish cultural presence in Liverpool is undeniable. So what do we do when we are a part of something? We celebrate it!

Technically, Liverpool’s Irish Festival, a city-wide programme of events celebrating all that is brilliant and Irish, ends on the Sunday just before half term week starts; but there’s still plenty to do. For a chance to soak up the Irish spirit, join the Family Ceili with an afternoon of music, song, dance, food and drink with a whole host of other families this year at the The Bluecoat. Pre-book your place here and bring your dancing shoes on the 23rd to get your half term week off to the best start.


Pop down to Poplar Farm and pick your own pumpkin

Pick your perfect pumpkin at Poplar Farm's 'Pumpkin Alley'
Pick your perfect pumpkin at Poplar Farm’s ‘Pumpkin Alley’

What do we want? Pumpkins! When do we want them? Now!

Okay, pumpkins aren’t always on everyone’s agenda of what they want right now, but why wait to carve your supermarket-honed pumpkin, when you can pick your very own from the patch! October half term falls on the week prior to Halloween, and Poplar Farm’s ‘Pumpkin Alley’ is giving you the chance, every day from 9:30-5pm, to choose any size pumpkin for £4, or three for £10. The Autumn activity comes as the farm experienced a huge upsurge in pumpkin growth which means even bigger and better pumpkins for us to carve up to our heart’s desire. The farm also puts on a great spread of homemade cakes, hotdogs and bevs to keep that autumnal chill at bay, and those pumpkin-pickin’ fingers warm.

Not a fan of pumpkins? They also have a veg stall on Saturday’s, sell sweetcorn (4 for £1) and there’s always the chance to pick and take home your own flowers (we all like flowers, don’t we?). Everyone is welcome (even dogs when on a lead). We love Poplar Farm!

For more info, visit their Facebook here.


Black History Month: Immerse yourself in Liverpool’s Black Community Trail

Explore Museum of Liverpool's 'Black Community Trail' in celebration of Black History Month
Explore Museum of Liverpool’s ‘Black Community Trail’ in celebration of Black History Month

If there is one thing that we pride ourselves on here in Liverpool, it’s our focus on celebrating our cultural diversity in some of the most exciting and purse-friendly ways. Celebrate with us during this October half term, as you embark upon the tail-end of October’s Black History Month at two of our world-renowned museums that stand proudly on our iconic waterfront.

This half term, submerge yourself within the Museum of Liverpool’s Liverpool Black Community Trail, celebrating Liverpool’s black community presence and its contribution and importance to Liverpool life. Completely free, follow the purple liver bird logo through the special exhibitions, along with an array of free talks, to discover an important part of our Liverpool heritage. Running until the end of October, don’t miss out!

Love music, like us? Take a trip down to the International Slavery Museum (inside Merseyside Maritime Museum) for some hands on fun on October 25th, as you learn about African music and its instruments. No need to book, don’t take your wallet, just bring your families and your best drum roll.

Sessions run from 1-3pm, more info here


Celebrate World Pasta Day with some of the best bowls around the city

Celebrate 'World Pasta Day' at Duke Street's Il Forno!
Celebrate ‘World Pasta Day’ at Duke Street’s Il Forno


“Let them eat pasta!” …said someone, somewhere.

October Half Term this year falls on one of the most sacred days of all, World Pasta Day, on the 25th of October. Spend your Tuesday getting your fix at some of the best pasta spots that the city has to offer.

Two firm favourites within Liverpool’s foodie circles - ‘The Italian Clubs’ of Bold Street. Both serve exquisitely authentic pasta dishes (along with plenty of other Italian goodies), with Italian Club Fish showcasing a plethora of seafood pasta delights too…their Spaghetti Alla Pescatora cannot be beaten, promise. If you find yourself between Liverpool ONE and Liverpool Cathedral, find Duke Street’s Il Forno for pasta that packs a punch, or recent ‘Best Pizza in England 2016’ winners Amalia Italian extensive pasta menu (their pasta deserves an award too, we say).


Grab tickets for ‘The Choir with No Name’ at St. George’s Hall

Liverpool's 'Choir with No Name' are hosting their first ever 'Big Autumn Gig'. Come down and enjoy!
Liverpool’s ‘Choir with No Name’ are hosting their first ever ‘Big Autumn Gig’. Come down and enjoy!

See one of the most inspiring performances, in one of the city’s grandest architectural masterpieces. The Choir with No Name is an organisation that operates choirs for those who have experienced homelessness or other vulnerable adults at risk, giving some a necessary lifeline and an uplifting experience to enjoy. Their message is simple – singing is a natural escape from worries and creates a real feel good factor for all to enjoy! With choirs in Birmingham and London also, Liverpool’s is set to raise your spirits this half term with an assortment of sounds (they state that pop, rock, soul, gospel, reggae, musicals are sometimes on the agenda).

To make you feel even better, Lush cosmetics will be in the Hall’s foyer offering hand massages for the audience before the performance. That’s what we call a great time.

Feel good this October half term, and join them on the 28th October in St. George’s Hall Concert Room. Tickets can be bought through The Bluecoat.


Love Dogs? Follow the Halloween Puppy Parade!

Follow the Puppy Parade this Half Term! Who could resist that face?
Follow the Puppy Parade this Half Term! Who could resist that face?

Halloween isn’t just confined to the 31st when, this year, everyone is back to their Monday blues and kids are back in school. This half term Halloween calls for something a little different, however…

If you own a dog, love dogs or, like us, you jump at the chance to see cute dogs looking silly, you’re invited to BrewDog and Pug Pride Liverpool’s ‘Howl’oween Puppy Parade’ on the streets of Liverpool. You and your pooch can join in with the Halloween Puppy Procession where pugs will be dressed up in their most horrifyingly cute Halloween outfits. Starting and ending at BrewDog on Colquitt Street (with doggy treats on tap), and all proceeds going to  Merseyside Dogs Home and Muffin Pug Rescue,  we know where we’re going to be on the 30th of October…

Check out their Facebook for more info.


Enjoy Autumn in our state-of-the-art Sefton Park and Palm House

Soak up the colours of Autumn at Sefton Park and its Palm House
Soak up the colours of Autumn at Sefton Park and its Palm House

Take advantage of Liverpool’s green spaces this half term by visiting the magnificent Grade 1 Historic Sefton Park. A Green Flag and Green Heritage 235-acre space, kick at leaves and enjoy the colours of this season as you wander (or cycle) through, catching a glimpse of the caves, waterfalls, bandstand and play areas the park has to offer you.

No doubt during your wanderings, you’ll bump into (quite literally), the extravagant one-of-a-kind glass Palm House. Absorb the beauty of Liverpool Botanical Collection inside, or just sit back, relax and take in the transition of light as morning passes to afternoon. The Palm House is fully accessible, with ramp and lift, and it’s free of charge from 10am-5pm when no events are taking place (there’s a ‘Salsa Party Under the Palms’ on the Friday though, if you prefer). Embrace the beauty of Liverpool’s Autumn!


Turn your brainbox on and soak up what’s in store at our museums

Four city centre museums means you're never far from something exciting
Four city centre museums means you’re never far from something exciting


Attracting more than 2.7 million visitors last year, we are a hot-shot for museums.  Choose from four city centre museums (yes, four!) for an important go-to for seeking out some fantastic activities and exhibitions, whatever your age:

Why not visit Liverpool’s Merseyside Maritime Museum, featuring ‘Titanic and Liverpool: The Untold Story’ exhibition throughout the week, exploring Liverpool’s epic role in the Titanic story with a display of letters from passengers, blueprints and telegrams from the rescue ships. Meanwhile, kids can enjoy Shark Week at the World Museum, with free drop-in between 1pm and 4pm, avid shark enthusiasts can find out about over 30 species of jawesome sharks that live right here in the UK. Sharky craft sessions will also be available.

Along with film screenings at the Wondrous Place Gallery, Animal Mummies exhibition at the World Museum and crafternoons at the Museum of Liverpool, there are so many more happenings at our museums during the week. Explore more, here.



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Published: 18/10/2016