Got Scouse?

Got Scouse?

If there’s one thing we can all disagree on, it’s the best recipe for Scouse.

Sure, the ingredients might not change a huge amount, but ask anyone and they’ve got a secret recipe or twist that makes their Scouse unique. From Paul O’Grady to LFC, everyone says their Scouse is the best.

Yes it’s Global Scouse Day on Tuesday 28th Feb and yes, we took the incredibly difficult challenge of testing as many as we could just for you.


1 The Ship and Mitre

Good.. Honest. Scouse.

Not only is it one of the best places for a pint in the city (and incidentally one of the toughest pub quizzes you’ll find) the Ship also offers a great bowl of Scouse. The dish needs to be simple, but seasoned perfectly, and that’s what you get at the Ship and Mitre. It’s even been endorsed by the Hairy Bikers when they were in Liverpool a few years ago, so it really must be incredible! With Scouse on the House offered after 5pm every Wednesday, you’ll soon become accustomed to this phenomenal recipe. The Ship and Mitre isn’t the only pub to do Scouse, obviously. Coming in a very close second is the Baltic Fleet.


2 Maggie May’s

Thank you, seafarers


According to Maggie May’s, Scouse was originally a Norwegian recipe, brought by the influx of Scandinavian sailors to the city in the 18th and 19th centuries. Taking its name from the Norwegian word for “stew” - “Labskause” - the traditional recipe is a cut of beef or lamb, off the bone, browned in the pan, then you chuck in chopped onions, carrots, potatoes and meat stock. It’s usually served with pickled beetroot or red cabbage. You can buy Maggie May’s original Scouse to eat at home, or pop in to the cafe on Bold Street.


3 Homebaked Anfield



If you need a different way to eat your Scouse, and they do say variety is the spice of life, then why not pop down to Homebaked in Anfield and grab yourself a couple of Scouse pies. The cooperative bakery in the shadow of LFC’s football ground, the reappearance of the bakery was a welcome sight to the high street. The fact that each and every one of their pies is delicious is just, well, the crust on the top of the baked goods!


4 Lunya’s Catalan Scouse

Hola, me llamo Lunya Scouse


It will not surprise you in the slightest to know that one of the finest, and most individual, recipes we’ve ever tried for Scouse was from our own favourite Catalan eatery, Lunya. Adding a little chorizo, then a slip of Pimenton dulce and a few other sizzling Spanish ingredients, this is Scouse with a truly European flavour. If you want to make it at home, the lovely people at Lunya have put their recipe online, so you can try it yourselves here.


5 Paul O’Grady’s Scouse

Ay up


This Scouse recipe has been fed to Lauren Bacall, so if it’s good enough for Hollywood royalty, it’s good enough for us. Sometimes, the best Scouse is the pan slow cooked in your own kitchen. Mixing beef, lamb, vegetables and them slow cooking for four hours in total, this is a fantastic recipe that allows you to add a few little bits and pieces to make it your own. Some might say Worcestershire Sauce is sacrilege, others would applaud you for adding ketchup. The only way you’ll develop your own signature recipe is by trying it for yourself. Try Paul O’Grady’s Scouse here.

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Published: 23/02/2017