Over To You, Folks

Over To You, Folks

Folken cover imageThe people of Liverpool have always made the city what it is and they’ve never been shy when it comes to getting together to discuss Liverpool life and how it could be better.

Folken is a new initiative, set up to do just that, offering a counter-culture discussion around work and life in Liverpool.

The team behind Liverpool’s (excellent) ‘The City Tribune’ and Liverpool based writer Laura Brown have developed a series of interactive discussions and debates around issues which affect all residents and businesses within our city.

It’s Liverpool caught up with Laura Brown to get the inside track on Folken:

“The time is right for something like this. What we’re seeing is that people are making things happen in Liverpool. A project like Granby Four Streets is a prime example.

“Liverpool’s passion and the characters within our city are what makes us unique. Folken creates a forum for real discussion with tangible outcomes, around issues like work/life balance, public sector funding and future city development.

“People are making things happen in Liverpool. A project like Granby Four Streets is a prime example…”

“One of the great things about Liverpool is that the city attracts big, international events, like this summer’s second International Festival for Business. But Folken is different, instead of bringing in global speakers, were listening to the passionate and influential voices we already have in the city, of which there are many, to talk about life in Liverpool and start a dialogue.

“Liverpool has changed an incredible amount in the last 15 years, and it seems to be changing at an even quicker pace today. It really feels like big things are happening in Liverpool and Folken provides people with a great, engaging and open forum to talk about this and join in the conversation.

“There are millions of ways to work, build and create better and through Folken, we want to hear what Liverpool people think about how we, as a city, should do this.”

Upcoming events include Protecting Creative Space (14 June) and ‘Give Us Your Money’ on funding and finance (16th June) both at Red Brick Vintage.

These will be followed by ‘The State of Independents’ (21 June) and ‘Folken on Follktales’ which “Is really just an evening of great Scouse storytelling which is the best kind of storytelling there is”, Laura explained.

For full details read ‘An Introduction to Folken’ here.

For further information about how you can get involved contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Published: 09/06/2016