Pubs Are Calling You Blind Tiger, exterior portrait

Pubs Are Calling You

Sunshine dwindles willpower and after a long day at the office, there’s no better way to cool down, than to call into a bar for a quick drink or two, or three or… you get the picture.

It wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t always some great new place to try in Liverpool, a city hell-bent on luring you towards late night good times when you’re supposed to be hitting the gym and laying off the ale.

You can’t even make it to the train station without witnessing scores of happy, smiley faces enjoying some amazing new bar. Enticing you with their laughter and their ever so frosty pints. So why try to resist? Surrender. If you can’t beat them, join them.

Give guilt a miss this season and feel good about getting out more. To help you see things our way, here’s five new Liverpool taverns you have to try summer. We’ll see you at the bar. It’s your round.



Revolucion de Cuba, Albert Dock, Liverpool
Revolucion de Cuba, Albert Dock, Liverpool

The competition for Liverpool’s liveliest Latin bar and restaurant is really heating up.

Revolucion de Cuba enters the ring armed with Cuban soul, cocktails and cool Cantina style food and it’s all a total knock-out.

Living life the Latin way has its perks and Revolucion likes to put these front and centre, offering its customers a selection of the world’s finest rums, the perfect view of Albert Dock and the best al fresco sun spot in the city . We’re hooked already and we’re pledging our allegiance. Viva la revolución!


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The Merchant, Slater Street Liverpool
The Merchant, Slater Street Liverpool

It’s hard to improve upon a venue with a custom-built specialist gin bar, casks of cool craft beers, a pimped up canteen, stylish but off-beat surroundings and tunes provided by big name musicians and DJs. Hard, but not impossible.

The team behind The Merchant put their heads together and came up with a genius idea. They knew that there’s something that makes everything better and that something is pizza.

Partnering with Nightcrawler Pizza, this exceptional Slater Street bar and restaurant gives you everything you need for a great night out all in one amazing venue. It’s much more than a fair trade for your hard earned cash. We’re sold on The Merchant, go along for yourself, we think you will be too.


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Europe's 1st dedicated baijiu bar
Europe’s 1st dedicated baijiu bar

Europe’s first baijiu bar is not for the feint hearted.  Baijiu is a traditional Chinese alcoholic drink that’s relatively unknown in the west, despite going strong for more than 5,000 years.  And by strong we means strong, as the potent beverage has an alcohol content of between 40-60%.

Adventurous people can try Baijiu the authentic way, straight up, or they can tame it a little it in one of Fu Baijiu’s infusions or cocktails. Between toasting rounds, customers can order handmade ‘ghetto dim sum’ to take the edge off.

Fu Baijiu’s potent mix will definitely give you a memorable evening. Just don’t expect to remember everything.


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 The Clubhouse

Liverpool ONE’s The Clubhouse is quite unlike any other Liverpool pub. Resembling a colonial New England mansion, complete with a dazzling bespoke chandelier and Cape Cod style furnishings. It prides itself on its selection of world beers, ales and ciders alongside a vast cocktail list.

But the food and entertainment are no afterthought. Part bar and part pub, it serves up everything from bar snacks to deli favourites, with meats cooked on the rotisserie and an all-year-round barbecue.

The finishing touches, fine service and outstanding attention to detail make The Clubhouse one of Liverpool’s most refined and genteel bars. This is one high-class club that makes you feel right at home.


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Blind Tiger, Seel Street, Liverpool
Blind Tiger, Seel Street, Liverpool

We stumbled across Blind Tiger by accident and we’ve been telling everyone about it ever since. Looking like a noir soaked 1940s Chinese town house, all deep leather booths, dark red walls and vintage images of a China long gone.  It’s spacious, but it’s got an intimate atmosphere and it’s the kind of bar that, once you’re there, you want to stay there.

Delicate drinks and authentic dim sum is the deal and it’s a good one, but the live pop/rock/indie music gives the bar/restaurant a bit of bite. This tiger may be blind, but it sounds amazing after dark.


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Published: 13/06/2016