Baltic Bites

Baltic Bites

With the boom of independent restaurants and pop-ups showing no sign of slowing down over the last few years, the fact Liverpool is ONLY JUST getting its first street food market is pretty unbelievable. Finally, Baltic Market is here to make our weekends that bit tastier.

Brought to us by the lads behind Independent Liverpool and the hot dog prodigy behind Meet Frank, Tim Haggis – exciting times are ahead for us foodies as the food hall opens its doors 4 days a week from June 30th.

As the city’s first street food market and the new home of weekly farmers and makers markets, the new Baltic haunt is quite a big deal. Aren’t we all going to wonder what we ate before everything yummy was under one roof!?

Amazingly enough, absolutely everything at Baltic Market is local, from the craft beer and fine wine to the beef brisket and the fudge cake. I mean, we never expected anything else from the Independent Liverpool guys but we simply can’t think of a better way to showcase Liverpool’s uber-talented and innovative restauranteurs.

The independent food scene in the city seems to be growing into something of a revolution – just look at the ever-changing landscape of the likes of Bold Street and the success of pop-ups in the Baltic Triangle. We’re a city just bloomin’ brilliant when it comes to cuisine.

Located in the iconic Cains Brewery building, it’s hard to think of a worthier site for the new foodie revolution to take place. Once a symbol of Liverpool’s status in the 19th century standing on the dock of one of the world’s busiest ports, the brewery quenched the thirst of not just the locals but the masses. As the food and drink industry in the city booms, what better location to get excited for the future whilst acknowledging our remarkable past?

After the Independent Liverpool gang launched their fabled food and drink festivals in the Baltic Triangle just two years ago, we’ve witnessed the growth of something reallllyyy special. From a social media phenomenon to tens of thousands of people turning up to warehouses for a taste of something local and exceptional – we’ve had a nibble of what our independents can conjure up and we want so much more.

Getting a permanent version of the festivals is almost too much to take in. Imagine the smells… Imagine the atmosphere… Thankfully, imagine no more. Free to enter, Baltic Market is home to 8 of the city’s very best indie restauranteurs – some brand new and some you’ll know VERY well.

Think fragrant kati rolls from Timmy Tikka, the famous wood-fired pizzas from Little Furnace, funnel fries from The Midnight Delivery and the dreamy popcorn mussels Oktopus rustle up. We’re also talking about the likes of Slim’s Pork Chop Express, Hafla Hafla, ItalFresh and Pao. I mean, where will we even start…

There’s no chance on earth this market is gonna bore anyone no matter their fussy tastes, with the food line-up changing for a bit of fresh blood pretty frequently. Guessing which street food’s coming next down Baltic ways is going to become everyone’s favourite sport.

Let’s not forget the bevs. With la crème de la crème of Scouse shakers and makers heading up the cocktail bar as well as special dedications to local craft beers, gin and more – it’s not just the grub we’ll be treating ourselves to. Did we mention each weekend will come complete with a full line-up of DJs and live bands too? The party is on.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get down to Cains, join the revolution, and get a taste of Liverpool.

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