On The Rum Rum Tastings at The Smugglers Cover, Albert Dock Rum Festival

On The Rum

From the grog sailors drank on the high seas to the mojitos of modern club hoppers, rum has been around forever and continues to please many punters.

It’s fair to say that it’s one of Liverpool’s best loved and most historically important liquors, helping to boost our city’s global trade throughout the 1700s.

“Our Rum festival is a good opportunity to celebrate Liverpool’s rich mercantile past…”

Albert Dock’s Rum Festival returns on the 5 and 6 March 2016 with Rum tasting, a steel drum band, rum crepes, rum cakes, special rum infused food and rum cocktails. Basically the dock will be as rum soaked as a thirsty pirate on the stag do, and awash with tastes of the Caribbean.

More than ten of the attraction’s resident restaurants bars and cafes are celebrating the popular seafarer’s drink of choice, by showcasing their rum selections and Caribbean inspired food.

Albert Dock’s marketing manager Clare Rawlinson told It’s Liverpool more about the event:

Visitors on the Rise
Visitor figures continue to rise at Albert Dock Liverpool, with 6.3m people flocking to the iconic landmark in 2015.

“Our Rum festival is a good opportunity to celebrate Liverpool’s rich mercantile past, a time when the docks were a gateway to the world, and imported rum enriched our city’s fortunes.

“Many of our bars and restaurants will be getting into the tropical spirit, so we’re encouraging as many visitors as possible to come down to the Dock to soak up atmosphere and take advantage of the festival’s special offers. It’s always a fun event.”

Sounds intoxicating, please drink responsibly.

For full details of the event click here.



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Published: 04/03/2016