Baby, It’s Cold Outside Things to do indoor this winter in Liverpool

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

The mercury has dropped and no one feels much like being outside, but that isn’t an excuse to curl up in front of the TV and binge watch Netflix.

If you’re in or around Liverpool you can still be treated to a glorious family ‘day out’ whilst still under the cover of a cosy roof.

Here’s our selection of the best indoor things to get your heart pumping in Liverpool this winter.

Ultimate Indoor Paintball

Ultimate Indoor Paintball, Liverpool
Ultimate Indoor Paintball, Liverpool


What better way to work out some of that post-holiday season pent up family angst than with a little paintball? Ultimate Indoor Paintball has recently moved to a new 7,000 square foot home, which used to be an empty warehouse.

Just five minutes from Liverpool city centre, Ultimate Indoor Paintball offers family package days and anyone older than eight can come and play. Everything’s provided so all you need to do is show up.

For information and special offers, as well as how to book, click here.

Speke Hall

Speke Hall, Liverpool
Speke Hall, Liverpool

One of the most beautiful spots in Liverpool, Speke Hall itself might be closed until February half term, but there’s still plenty to see. The Stable Tea Room is open all year round, as well as their excellent second hand bookshop.

There are special events on in January, like a spooky ghost expedition and a conservation tour, with cream teas. Find out more here.

Visit a gallery

'Eye for Colour' Liverpool Museum
‘Eye for Colour’ World Museum, Liverpool

We’re not going to stop banging on about the fact we’ve got more museums and galleries than any other UK City outside of London. Seriously, we’re not. They’re all incredible and more importantly there’s always something to see.

Growing Up In The City, currently on at Museum of Liverpool is the perfect way to compare modern life in Liverpool to the experience of children growing up over the twentieth century. From 22nd January Eye for Colour opens at World Museum, returning for its 10th anniversary. Stimulate all the senses and explore how colour shapes our world.

The Climbing Hangar

Climbing Hangar, Liverpool
Climbing Hangar, Liverpool

If, like us, one of your New Year Resolutions was “do more things with the family” then heading to The Climbing Hangar, billed as Liverpool’s newest climbing venue, is probably a good start.

In North Liverpool (not far from Goodison Park) it’s easy to get to. Under four’s go free and adults can get the chance to climb as well, while the kids are being supervised. There’s also a class called Ninja Monkeys at the weekend for 4-12 year olds. Even if you’re visiting the city for a day it’s well worth a stop.

For contact details, location and more information visit them here.


Rampworx, Liverpool
Rampworx, Liverpool

Making kids spend less time on computer games and more doing exercise is a challenge, but there’s one place in Liverpool that makes it an awful lot easier. Rampworx is nearly twenty years old (TWENTY!) and is the largest skatepark in the UK.

If you’re in the city, even if you’ve never visited a skatepark, it’s worth a visit. The main room is filled with a variety of obstacles, the bowl and back room which is more like a street set up. Ideal for BMX bikers, skateboarders, blading and stunt scooters. The spectacle itself entertains, so you don’t even have to ride to visit.

Check the opening times here.

Radio City Tower, viewing gallery tour

Radio City Tower Tour, Liverpool
Radio City Tower Tour, Liverpool

Being indoors doesn’t mean you should have nothing to look at. At over 450ft tall, the Radio City tower offers awesome views across Liverpool, the River Mersey, Wirral, the Welsh Mountains and Lancashire. A must see for anyone who hasn’t been to Liverpool before, or anyone who lives in the city and hasn’t seen it from on high. The tour guides are very friendly, as are the radio presenters who’ll pass you by as you take pictures.

Book tickets here.

Queensway Tunnel Tours

Queensway Tunnel Tour, Liverpool
Queensway Tunnel Tour, Liverpool

Don’t just stay indoors, go underground. A Queensway Tunnel Tour will share the fascinating history of the famous tunnels, which have featured in many Hollywood films. Hard hats at the ready, the tours are available for anyone over 10.

Booking details are here.

Williamson Tunnels Tour

Williamson Tunnels Tour, Liverpool
Williamson Tunnels Tour, Liverpool

If you get a taste for life underground then also check out the Williamson Tunnels, dedicated to 19th century philanthropist Joseph Williamson. More than 10,000 visitors have explored the world beneath the streets in Edge Hill. Williamson was a tobacco merchant who employed hundreds of men to build a labyrinth of tunnels, chambers and passageways. Eccentric? Just a little.

Plan your visit here.

Football Stadia tours

Anfield Stadium Tours, Liverpool
Anfield Stadium Tours, Liverpool

With two football stadia, with just a park between them, a Liverpool Premiership tour should be in the cards for any football fan in the city. At Everton’s home, Goodison Park you can walk down the tunnel, see the dressing room and get an exclusive behind the scenes tour.

Across Stanley Park, Liverpool Football Club’s Anfield Stadium offers tours including The Steven Gerrard Collection, The LFC Story and Centenary Stand Tour.

Goodison Stadium Tour, Liverpool
Goodison Stadium Tour, Liverpool

For Anfield Stadium click here.

For Goodison Stadium click here.

Shiverpool Ghost Tour

Shiverpool Ghost Bus Tour
Shiverpool Ghost Bus Tour, Liverpool

Not only is a ghost tour better in winter (these dark, early evenings add a certain chill) Shiverpool realise that you probably don’t want to stand around in the cold too long to hear the chilling tales on offer, so they’ve added a Ghost Bus Tour. A comedy horror road-trip on an historic vintage bus? We’re on board.

2016 tour details will be unveiled here.

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Published: 19/01/2016