Q. What is It’s Liverpool?

  • A. It’s Liverpool connects residents, visitors, investors and students to the story of Liverpool’s transformation; a story of international significance. It’s Liverpool is a celebration of our city; the people, places and passions, and their inspiring, surprising stories. It positively expresses the city’s values – creative, ambitious, different.

Q. Who’s behind It’s Liverpool?

  • A. Lots of organisations in the city. Everyone from big business to grass roots community organisations. It’s not an exclusive club, check out our partner page and get involved to see who’s supporting the campaign and the great ways they’re using the brand.

Q. What are the aims of it’s Liverpool?

  • To promote the city with a single voice in a creative and consistent way.
  • To develop a brand that appeals to residents, visitors, investors and students.
  • To create a brand platform for partner collaboration and co-creation.

Q. How do I get involved?

  • A. Anyway you want, we have a Get Involved section which gives some ideas for how you or your organisation can support the campaign.


“it’s Liverpool” is a trade mark of Liverpool Vision Limited. All rights reserved.”

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