We Are 5. What’s Next? The Athenaeum Club Library, Liverpool

We Are 5. What’s Next?

The best thing about birthdays are the presents. Second best thing is the party. But the third has got to be the chance to look back, take stock, think about where you’re heading.

This month It’s Liverpool (that’s us) is five. We’ve seen big and brilliant changes since our story began in 2011.

And to celebrate we’re putting on a couple of special events.

It’s Liverpool – The Talks is bringing together more than 100 of our city’s smartest thinkers for some intelligent debate and conversation.

Both events will take place in Liverpool’s stunning Athenaeum. The venue is an intimate one, but we want all our followers and supporters to get involved and join in the discussion, so we’ll be streaming both events live through our Facebook page.

Full details about It’s Liverpool’s – The Talks are below. If you like the sound of smart thinkers discussing big ideas, follow us on Facebook here to be notified when the live stream starts and post your own questions in the comments section.

Join in the conversation. Free thinkers and straight talkers welcome.

Liverpool Hope Street, 2016


Venue: The Athenaeum - Church Alley, Liverpool
Date: Thursday 13 October 2016
Time: 6.30 - 7.30pm.


Maria Stukoff, Head of Digital, BBC Academy

Mary Colston, Director, Hope Street Hotel, Liverpool

Claire McColgan, Director, Culture Liverpool


Chair: Stephanie Power, Journalist and producer

Liverpool is more than a place. It’s an experience, a personality – with an unmistakable identity and attitude. But have we had enough trips down memory lane? We’ll be discussing what makes the city unique and what our contemporary story is today. 


Liverpool Waters CGI
Liverpool Waters CGI


Venue: The Athenaeum - Church Alley, Liverpool
Date: Thursday 3 November 2016
Time: 6.00. Talks 6.30 - 7.30pm.


Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Novelist and Screenwriter

Lynne Miles, Urban Economist, Arup

Jon Egan, City Strategist

Chair: Stephanie Power, Journalist and Producer

Liverpool is a global city – one of the handful of cities that have genuinely changed the world. Our contribution to global commerce and culture has given the city reach and influence beyond its size, but what does Liverpool look like in 2030?

Published: 07/09/2016