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Killer Book Up for Prize

The Writer Ian Jackson
People’s Book Prize nominee Ian Jackson

Promising to take readers on a thrilling ride of endless crime and mystery, Ian Jackson’s latest novel, Deadly Determination is set in Liverpool and has been shortlisted for this year’s ‘People’s Book Prize’.

This is the Liverpool born novelists second book, the first, Dead Charming was a finalist in the same award last year. Ian spoke to It’s Liverpool and told us how he ended up in a life of crime writing.

“I’ve always had a deep interest in the psychology of crime, the experiences of both victim and perpetrator through emotional and mental turmoil and writing has helped me to explore this. I spent some time working at a Psych Unit at Arrow Park Hospital and although I’d like to state that there were no criminals being supported there, there were people there whose thought processes were different to say mine or yours.”

Does setting the book in Liverpool affect how the characters are portrayed?

“Definitely - Liverpool is a unique environment, somewhat geographically isolated from other cities and dominated on one side by the River Mersey. I think this has contributed to Liverpudlians developing a strong identity that naturally flows through the characters that I have created.”

What is the writing process you go through?

“I like to build up the sense of the characters first, even pencil drawing the main characters. As the book progresses the characters take on personalities of their own and it’s deeply interesting to set challenges for the characters and see how they will react in context. I want my readers to understand and empathise with them, perhaps even surprising themselves by feeling sympathy for those that are perceived to be the bad guys.”

Who are your favourite writers?

“Truman Capote, Alan Bennett, F Scott Fitzgerald – in fact any writer that has the ability to fire my emotions.”

What made you enter the People’s Book Prize?

“The People’s Book Prize is perhaps one of the most important literary awards in the sense that the winner is voted for by the reading public. It would be thrilling if Deadly Determination reached the final, giving more readers the opportunity to fall in love with Liverpool and its people.”

Deadly Determination is available in paperback or on Kindle through Amazon UK .

Voting in the People’s Book Prize ends on February 28th and you can vote here.

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Published: 28/01/2016