World’s Greatest Doodle Liverpool Doodle Map by David Draws

World’s Greatest Doodle

David Draws with a scaled reversion of his original A2 Liverpool Doodle Map

Liverpool looks great in all formats. Google earth, panoramic sweeps, aerial drone footage and now doodle. But no ordinary doodle, this doodle is a masterpiece.

Sometimes you need to see things from a great height to really appreciate it. Sometimes the intricate workings of a place require nothing more than a name, to give you a glimpse of the richness of its character. David Draws’ doodle map of Liverpool instantly does both and it’s kind of mesmerising.

We know David likes to draw (hence the name) but we wanted to find out more, so we met up with freelance illustrator David to discover the big picture behind his epic Liverpool doodle.

How did the idea come about?

“I was working in Berlin, exhibiting my work and somebody told me that one of my abstract pieces reminded them of a city from above. That gave me the idea to do a doodle map.”

What was your ambition?

“I wanted to create something more detailed and not be confined to just the well-known places. I wanted to show every aspect of a place, in a simple, but very visual way, that people could easily engage with.”

Liverpool Doodle Map by David Draws
Liverpool Doodle Map by David Draws

What process do you go through, before you start to draw?

“Lots of research at first, to define all the places. I then start to add them on the map, one by one. Next I draw the roads and join up all the city. Then, to finish, I fill in all the white spaces with my signature doodle pattern style.”

What happens when you make a mistake?

“I cry! Only joking. I actually didn’t make a mistake on my Liverpool doodle map, but in the past, on other maps I have stated to draw locations in the wrong place. I have to get a bit crafty, so I cover it up my by turning it into a little pattern. That’s gotten me out of quite a few sticky situations.”

Smart man. Looking at it really makes you want to get a bit more immersed in the city.

“That’s right, that’s really the whole point. It makes people see Liverpool in a whole new light.”

What was the biggest challenge?

“Fitting everything in. There was tonnes of good stuff, and I didn’t want to miss anything off.”

What has people’s reaction to the doodle been like?

“People here are so passionate about the city and I love to see their reactions to the map. They hover their finger over it and say ‘been there… been there…. been there….. mate works there…’ and so on. Liverpool is a very proud city, so I always knew I’d get a good reaction here.”

What’s next for you?

“I’m exploring merchandise ideas, I think it would look really cool on a range of different stuff. I also want to give the thing some scale as well. To go really big with it. It would look awesome as a mural. If anybody wants a Liverpool mural painting on their wall, give me a shout!”

David’s Liverpool Doodle map is available to buy in A1, A2, A3 and A4 from Ziferblat on the Albert Dock, News From Nowhere and will soon be available at the The Bluecoat.

For more of Dave’s work (or to contact him about that mural) visit


Published: 19/08/2016