Wonder Factory Wows Us Liverpool Irish Festival's production of 'Scandan' at The Invisible Wind Factory

Wonder Factory Wows Us

Liverpool’s latest trendy haunt is one of the city’s most intriguing. The unusual name, the minimalist website, and the fantastic word of mouth, from all the cool young people in the office has got us very excited. But what is The Invisible Wind Factory and why will it change your life?

Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool

Cities always expand and grow. Regeneration is part and parcel of an urban life, even if not everyone agrees with it all of the time. Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle was, just a decade ago, rarely considered a place for a night out, much less a home for creative and digital businesses. Along the city’s North Docks, a similar transformation is planned. A new bustling hub of creative business is anticipated.

What some might not know is that the cultural revolution is already well underway along the dockside. Sound City held its first festival at Bramley Moore Docks, while the Titanic Hotel holds plenty of glittering events. Slightly more under the radar, although no less deserving of fanfare, is Invisible Wind Factory.

Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool
Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool, exterior

Inside an unprepossessing exterior is the new performance space created by the team who brought Liverpool the Kazimier. At an event earlier this summer, one of its founders, Liam Naughton, revealed the artistic collective who set it up see the Invisible Wind Factory as the next step in their development.

Performance and art seem a logical next fusion for the team behind the Kazimier, which always seemed as theatrical as it did musical. Indeed, their first few events have set the bar, and expectation, high.

Their opening party was bursting with drama and costumed characters. Light, sound and vision were blended in a creative musical display. At Festival No.6 in Portmeirion in September, Kazimier presented Kronos No.6, the tale of Captain Kronos: Return to Planet Earth which concluded with a spectacular flight above the crowd before the Saturday night headliners, complete with a time traveling spaceship, The Kronos, a ceremonial procession and some rather fabulous pyrotechnics. If Invisible Wind Factory will be home to this kind of spectacle, then can we say anything other than yes please?

House of Suarez at Invisible Wind Factory
House of Suarez at Invisible Wind Factory

In October, the venue housed a new play called Scadán as part of Liverpool Irish Festival. With a huge stage and tiered seating, the set design was creative and unusual. The lighting striking and the music ethereal. A play created by emerging Liverpool/Irish playwrights, directors and actors, it was entirely fitting it would be at a venue that was new for much of the audience. Liverpool always needs new arts venues (the more the merrier!) and setting a new stage for theatre is an exciting proposition.

It isn’t just about what goes on in the evening either (although the programme does look amazing).  On the top floor is space for artists. From costume design to motion capture, filmmaking, writing sculpture and more it’s quiet but collaborative. There’s a canteen space with views over the Mersey for those moments when you need inspiration, or just a tea break.

Regeneration has to serve everyone in a city, not just an elite few, and to build a creative community in North Docks, there needs to be space for artists as well as ticket buying art lovers. The artist studios at Invisible Wind Factory create the perfect balance in the new space between culture and performance, theatre and graft. It’s key for serving and supporting an artistic and creative community.

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Published: 03/11/2016