Here To Make You Move

Here To Make You Move

You’ve probably heard of Merseyside Dance Initiative. That local initiative full of young guns that put phenomenal dance artists through development programmes, free studio time and regular dance intensives. That’s the one.

Flying the flag for Merseyside’s talented dance artists, the multi-award winning dance organisation tackles everything from nurturing, supporting and developing dance artists and the art form itself, to working with artists, venues and audiences to put on amazing performances and programmes (the type of ones that makeyou contemplate becoming a classical ballet dancer for the first time in your life).

March is looking preeetty nice for us thanks to MDI, with news of the company’s boldest and most ambitious programme to date practically oozing out of creative hubs all over Merseyside. In its 25th year, it’s definitely creating something special.

LEAP 2017 is the dance project of dreams.

Yeah we’ve heard of pop-up shops, even pop-up restaurants (like the goodies we found here), but a pop-up dance house? This is something we’ve got to see. LEAP is about championing 25 years of dance in the hearts and minds of communities, exploring what makes Liverpool move.

In partnership with Unity Theatre and Make Liverpool, LEAP is the first programme of its kind – where a pop-up dance house will be fashioned for two weeks only, especially to house the MDI delights of this epic 25th birthday.

The festival will explore the theme of Camouflage – the seen and the unseen – each performance questioning individual and collective identity, misconceptions and untold stories in diversity. It’s a programme that aims to examine the invisible art form of the city and to shine a great big light on the dance prowess of this city. We are Liverpool, hear is roar.

This is all after a successful Kickstarter campaign of over 131 supporters raised £5,175 to support the creation of this dedicated dance house. With the help of Make Liverpool – the organisation with creative spaces that you keep on hearing about – to completely deck out the warehouse, LEAP now has a fully accessible and versatile performance space and festival hub, complete with full catering facilities, exhibition spaces and a bar (great stuff).

Artistic Director of MDI, Karen Gallagher MBE, is pretty damn excited – and rightfully so:  “LEAP 2017 is a celebration of 25 years of dance in Liverpool and we are as passionate as ever about the ‘coming of age of dance’ in the city. We are seeing dance reach a wider audience than ever before, and LEAP as always will produce inspirational and challenging productions. We are excited to take over Make Liverpool, creating a pop-up dance house - a first for the city.”

Dance-buff or not, LEAP’s line-up is impressive. Think: the award-winning dancer and choreographer Gary Clarke, Glasgow based dance theatre company Barrowland Ballet and London-based artist Hetain Patel. Mix that in with even more national and internationally renowned dancers and you’ve got a winning ticket right there.

Tickets for the festival are now on sale via the Unity Theatre box office. For more info, just visit here.

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Published: 28/02/2017