Side of Bacon Francis Bacon, 1909-1992

Side of Bacon

It's Liverpool magazine Summer 2016 - Coming soon.
It’s Liverpool magazine Summer 2016 – Coming soon.

Step inside the mind of a truly modern master at Tate Liverpool this summer. The largest ever exhibition of Irish born Francis Bacon’s work in the north of England, Invisible Rooms showcases 30 paintings alongside rarely seen drawings and documents to explore one of the artist’s unusual techniques – the frame within a frame.

The device saw Bacon employ a barely perceptible frame around his figures, focusing the viewer’s attention into the raging heart of each piece. Tracking the practice from the 1930s to the 1980s the exhibition features works including Crucifixion 1933 and Man In Blue IV from 1954 and Chimpanzee from the following year.

These “Imaginary Chambers … emphasise the isolation of the represented figures and bring attention to their psychological condition; the act of placing the sitters in ‘invisible rooms’ guides the focus of attention towards the complex human emotions that are felt but can’t be seen,” explains the exhibition’s curator, Kasia Redisz.

As part of the summer season at Tate Liverpool, the gallery also shows a collection of paintings by Maria Lassnig, one of the most important figurative painters of the 20th century.

“Imaginary chambers emphasise the isolation of the represented figures…”

Placing the exhibition side by side with Bacon, the curators explain, begins a “dialogue over fundamental themes of artistic creation, whether painting from life in the case of Lassnig, or from photography and found images as Bacon did, to the staging of the figure, and the translation of bodily sensations in paint.”

Tate Liverpool
Albert Dock
Until 18 September

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Published: 09/06/2016