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New Plays to Make You Feel Alive

A migration crisis, warring political families, a struggling mother, unemployment and working class rebellion. A quick glance at Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse’s new season initially reveals hard hitting, topical drama you’d expect from these two bastions of British theatre. But take a closer look, because this season is also about unity, healing wounds and compassion for our fellow man.

Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse have announced five incredible plays, each looking at division and unification. The productions will be performed as an integrated season in the round, launching the theatres new resident acting company and kick starting the careers of 5 Young Everyman and Playhouse members.

Gemma Bodinetz by photographer Dan-Kenyon

From February to June, the new resident company, comprising 14 soon to be announced actors, will perform Fiddler on the Roof, The Conquest of the South Pole, The Story Giant, The Sum and Romeo and Juliet. They will be joined by a team of three designers and in-house directors, Nick Bagnall, Matt Rutter and E&P’s artistic director Gemma Bodinetz.

Gemma spoke to It’s Liverpool about the upcoming productions and why they are more timely than ever before. “It is a dream come true to announce this season of work. A dream that we could tell stories the way we want to, for a city that means the world to us. The world changed a lot this year and it’s been tough for many but it has also been invigorating.

“There’s a creative crackle in the air with no room for complacency. A time for change, for magic, for meaning and humanity. The time has come to hold hands and share the stories that make us feel alive and part of something. We believe this season of plays reflects that.”

Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse are aiming for greater inclusivity too, by setting the season’s prices at an affordable rate. Tickets start from £10 for adults and £5 for young people. There will also be an opportunity to see all five productions for just £30.

Casting is currently underway, but to stir up anticipation E&P have produced five short films, each shot and produced in Liverpool, which they have shared with them today. Take a look at them below and get booking.

The arts, theatre and Liverpool continue to hold a mirror up to the world, exposing the division we suffer and the unity we strive for, telling stories with the potential to change the world.


Gemma Bodinetz directs a Fiddler on the Roof, set in a changing world where everything that used to be a given is being challenged. The musical is about family, love and trying to be a decent human being against all odds. Joseph Stein’s funny and moving musical will be thrillingly brought to life in the intimate surrounding of the Everyman stage.


Music by Jerry Bock
Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick
Directed by Gemma Bodinetz
Arranger & Musical Director George Francis
Season Designers Molly Elizabeth Lacey Davies, Jocelyn Meall, Michael Vale

Produced on the New York stage by Harold Prince
Original New York stage production Directed and Choreographed by Jerome Robbins
Performed by arrangement with Music Theatre International (Europe) Limited

Theatre: Liverpool Everyman
Date: Friday 17 February to Saturday 11 March


 Manfred Karge’s, The Conquest of The South Pole is a story of aspiration and a desire to break free from the underclass and unemployment through five young people’s journey of hope in the face of adversity. In a post-Brexit country, this European story of togetherness, friendship and never giving in resonates in Liverpool like no other city in Britain. In March Nick Bagnall directs this revival for the Everyman Company that was originally written in East Berlin in for another famous group of actors, the Berliner Ensemble.

By Manfred Karge
Translation by Tinch Minter & Anthony Vivis
Director Nick Bagnall
Season Designers Molly Elizabeth Lacey Davies, Jocelyn Meall, Michael Vale
Composer James Fortune

Venue: Liverpool Everyman
Date: Friday 24 March to Saturday 8 April


Brian Patten’s tale of a giant who lives off new stories from around the world has been adapted by Lindsay Rodden (Writer-In-Residence, Live Theatre). The production is part of Liverpool’s Summer of Love and a celebration of the 50th anniversary of The Mersey Sound. Directed by Matt Rutter, The Story Giant brings together four children from the different corners of the globe to exchange the tales they know from their own cultures, to see if between them they can piece together the only story he’s never heard and keep him alive.

From the book by Brian Patten
Adapted by Lindsay Rodden
Director Matt Rutter
Season Designers Molly Elizabeth Lacey Davies, Jocelyn Meall, Michael Vale

Theatre: Liverpool Everyman
Date: Thursday 13 April to Saturday 29 April


New writing has always vital to the Everyman and the Company season will feature a new play by Lizzie Nunnery in May. The Sum is set in Toxteth where a young mother is struggling to make ends meet, constantly juggling the sums in her head that will keep her family fed and sheltered. When this fragile world is shaken she must ask herself what lengths she’s prepared to go to and what part of herself she would sell to keep the sums adding up.

Director Gemma Bodinetz
Season Designers Molly Elizabeth Lacey Davies, Jocelyn Meall, Michael Vale
Composer & Musical Director Vidar Norheim

Theatre: Liverpool Everyman
Date: Saturday 6 May to Saturday 20 May


As the summer approaches the Everyman Company will forge with the award-winning Young Everyman Playhouse (YEP) for Romeo and Juliet. With a reputation for reimagining Shakespeare for 21st Century audiences, Nick Bagnall will harness YEP’s explosive youth to energise Shakespeare’s exploration of young love and transgression.

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Nick Bagnall
Designer Molly Elizabeth Lacey Davies
Composer James Fortune

Theatre: Liverpool Everyman
Date: Saturday 27 May to Wednesday 7 June

 Tickets are on sale from today (Monday 14th November)


Published: 14/11/2016